At Barnes Wheaton, we are committed to providing our customers with the best customer service and world-class support.

We want to reassure you that we have a thorough plan for all our dealerships.

In addition to our standard cleaning procedures, we have enforced extra measures to continue providing you with a clean and safe shopping experience. We have implemented 10 measures as part of its COVID-19 health and safety action plan. 

These include:

1. Health and Safety Officers - who are assigned to all dealerships, and are responsible for reporting and guiding a high standard of cleanliness, and staff health safety practices.

2. In-Store Community Safety Information - this includes posters and digital screens outlining hand-washing techniques, prevention, and best practices. It's also on the company's websites and social media.

3. Sanitization Plan - the plan is meant to increase sanitization in all high-traffic area touch-points within the dealership, several times a day, in addition to the daytime cleaning service (during peak times) and nightly cleaning.

4. Loaners and Test-Drive Vehicle Preparation - all hard and soft surfaces inside these vehicles are vacuumed and wiped down after a guest or employee uses a vehicle.

5. Service Work Preparation - guest vehicles for service in-store are outfitted with steering wheel covers and seat protectors before going through maintenance or repair work. IN addition all Barnes Wheaton technicians are required to wear disposable gloves when working on vehicles.

6. Sanitizer Locations - this includes additional hand sanitizer dispensers and locations in all dealerships for customers and staff so they can sanitize their hands throughout the day.

7. Discontinuation of Shared Foods - complementary and shared guest café fruits and pastry snacks have been temporarily removed.

8. Test Drives and Valet Service - more out-of-dealership test drives and vehicle maintenance valet pickup services are being offered, depending on the dealership.

9. Travel Restriction - no unnecessary business travel by staff associates.

10. Hand Etiquette - staff associates need to practice frequent hand washing and also refrain from shaking hands with people.

In addition, our executive team has been meeting regularly to review the business continuity plan to ensure we have appropriate measures in place that are responsive to the COVID-19 threat, minimize business disruptions, and ensure employee and others' safety. 

No cases of the virus have been reported at any Barnes Autogroup dealerships.

As per the B.C. Government's decision to ban gatherings of 50 people or more, we will constantly monitor our dealerships to insure we stay within the requirements.

If you have any questions, please send an email to 

We wish health and safety to everyone. 

- Barnes Wheaton