When customers think of a used vehicle, it is easy to envision the beat-up truck down the street that has been sitting for weeks on end. Yet, this is rarely the case when used trucks are purchased from a reputable dealer. Despite the stigma that goes along with used vehicles, many customers find great value in pre-owned vehicles and get much more use out of used vehicles for years thereafter. The key to finding quality used vehicles it reviewing the history of that particular vehicle. At Barnes Wheaton South Surrey, we're proud to serve the residents of Surrey, Burnaby, Vancouver, Victoria and surrounding areas of British Columbia. Our customers choose us to be their trusted advisor when deciding to purchase their next pre-owned truck. Whether it's a Chevrolet, GMC or other make, our wide selection of pre-owned trucks are vetted by our own staff before we make them available to the public.

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Quality Used Trucks in Surrey, BC

Investing in a quality pre-owned truck can save customers hundreds of dollars over the life span of the vehicle. However, used vehicles must have low mileage, no crash history and great condition for this to be plausible. A thorough inspection of a vehicle before purchasing can alert customers to potential issues that may arise. Buyers may even take the potential purchase to their preferred mechanic for inspection prior to committing to a purchase to get a professional opinion.

Why Buy a Used Truck?

Buying a used truck in Surrey, BC, has many advantages. First, a used vehicle has already experienced the initial depreciation that goes along with a new vehicle, so there won't be a large drop in value shortly after the purchase. In contrast, buyers who purchase new vehicles must be aware of the instant depreciation as soon as a new vehicle is driven off the lot. Used trucks are also typically available at lower price points and serve as great starter vehicles, economical options or work trucks. While new vehicles would serve this purpose, as well, used trucks can provide a great entry point for many avenues that spending extra money on a new vehicle would not serve well.

Types of Used Trucks

There is not just one single definitive type of used truck. Many options are available, depending on the customer's needs and desires. One popular type of used truck is a certified pre-owned model. A vehicle tagged as such has typically met rigorous performance standards, low mileage requirements, and overall condition requests to be labelled as such. These trucks can come with additional time left on their original warranty and/or a dealership warranty to complement other coverage.

Used trucks that were originally used as part of a company's fleet may also offer some advantages. Typically available as base models with some wear and tear, the price of these used trucks can't be beaten. A thorough inspection of this type of used vehicle would be beneficial for ensuring mechanical wellness.

Finding a Quality Used Truck

Knowing where to find quality pre-owned trucks in Surrey that will meet your standards is not as easy as it may seem. Reputable dealerships are a good place to start, because they often feature used trucks that have been traded in for newer models. Sales professionals at dealerships can take note of any requests you may have and point out used trucks that may have those qualities or fit your criteria. Ultimately, this saves consumers time in their search for a used truck.

If you are interested in seeing what our dealership may have in stock for you, contact us today. We look forward to speaking with you about your used truck desires and needs and enjoy the challenge of finding the perfect match